Friday, 14 December 2012


MUXIMA has now moved to a new and larger venue at the Olympic end of Roman Road. A new post will follow once it has bedded in.  However, in terms of style and ethos, it has changed very little!

It's easy to miss Muxima, tucked away between vast building projects, but if you find it, you do have that glorious feeling of stumbling upon a hidden place. Whether it's tumbling down the rabbit hole, opening the door to the secret garden or entering the wardrobe to Narnia, these hidden places hold sway over our imagination. It's much the same with cafes and restaurants, the more recherché the better; note the  popularity of secret cocktail bars like Nightjar or Lounge Bohemia; or supper clubs where the location is only revealed a few hours beforehand.
There's none of this tricksiness with Muxima but once inside you kind of feel you've passed through a portal; as you settle with your coffee at one of the hewn tables, the nearby A12 becomes just a dream. Occasionally there maybe some African musicians singing and strumming quietly in a corner or a jazz ensemble setting up for the evening. 
Artists gather to discuss their work and an exhibition is always on. Film nights draw an eclectic crowd to enjoy Blade Runner missions with Harrison Ford.

Muxima means  'heart' in Angolan and yes, it's full of warmth and bonhomie. Isaac, the softly spoken charismatic artist/proprietor has almost reinvented the artists' salon where people drop in to gossip, drink coffee and eat cake, and find respite from the hurly burly of East London life.

You can find Muxima at 111-121, Fairfield Road, Bow, E3.