Friday, 27 May 2011


If Apple ever decided to go into food, this would be the kind of place they'd set up. Stickybeaks is bright, light, with a cool kind of vibe leaving you plenty of room to think, read and gossip.  Like a Mac it's a great combination of form and function, so there's good coffee - flat whites of course - and pretty cakes and even prettier salads. Tucked away on Hobson St in Cambridge, Stickybeaks Cafe is mercifully free of tourists;  today there are a few women eating a light lunch and sipping glasses of white wine; on my left is a twenty-something with a lot of shopping bags (Giulio); and on my right a guy languidly surfing on his Mac Air with iphone at his side. It's a relaxing place, the staff are friendly and helpful ... but don't bother bringing your clapped out PC laptop. It's just not a Microsoft kind of place.


  1. Ooh hello, lovely to see a fellow Cambridge food-obsessive. And ever since stumbling upon this place late last year (introduced to me by a friend who's a fellow at Christ's next door), I've come to love it as my favourite spot for a lazy weekend coffee/brunch. Impossible to get a table when the noisy tourists descend, however!

    Briony xx

  2. I second Briony, good to find another Cambridge foodie! It's one of the most perfect, perfect places on earth.

  3. There's so few independent places to eat in Cambridge it's great to support them