Wednesday, 22 June 2011


As a matter of course we do not Rock the Casbah on a school night, but bad organisation combined with innate fecklessness mean we have an NIF situation on our hands (Nothing In the Fridge). Now this usually means a gentle toddle to Mill Road for a supper of the ho hum variety; by this I mean something familiar, comforting and inexpensive.

In the 6 years we have lived in Cambridge, there has been a mysterious restaurant called Bedouin on Mill Road. Fully refurbed with an array of Moroccan lamps, kilim and other North African paraphernalia, it has remained resolutely and tantalizingly closed.

So far so bizarre – or should I say bazaar (hor hor), but about a month ago it discreetly opened its doors.

So why not try it tonight? To be honest, our expectations are not high – themed restaurants are usually to be avoided in all situations (medieval banquet anyone?), but this is a ho hum evening.  Why the hell not?

And yes, pleasant surprise is the order of the night. It’s nicely done, wall lamps glimmering, walls and ceiling swathed in Moroccan hangings, Tinariwen and Khaled on the sound system. Do we think we have been transported to the Sahara, are we in a nomadic tent? …Uh no … but there’s lots of attention to detail and plenty of authentic flavours in the food. The tagines are laced with cinnamon, cumin and saffron, and the little cakes accompanying our cardamom coffees are delicately scented with rosewater. So rather more than a ho hum meal: to bludgeon the metaphors to death – a star has risen in the east – you’d be nomad not to go. Enough!


  1. hi paula! it's so great to have bumped into wanton flavours! i too am a food blogger from cambridge, so it was such a treat to read about streets and restaurants that i'm so familiar with. i'm now following your lovely blog!

    pia @ peppercorns in my pocket

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