Saturday, 22 January 2011


It’s blue Monday (officially the most depressing day of the year) and comfort food is not just desirable but vital for life and sanity. Received wisdom tells me this should be a slow cooked stew or casserole but I haven’t got the time or inclination, and I’m not in the mood for anything meaty. What I want is something unctuous, creamy and soothing. I’m kind of thinking risotto, but on my way home I walk past the Cambridge Cheese Company tucked away on All Saints Passage.  Despite its location the shop has a devoted local clientele along with a few tourists who have stumbled upon it after their tours of Trinity and St John’s. It’s a funny place, austere with slightly curmudgeonly service, but I defy anyone to walk out of the shop without a few luscious cheeses tucked under their arm.

As for me I’m clutching a box of Mont D’Or, a seasonal soft cheese produced mainly in Switzerland and only available from around September to March. Now I know most people are familiar with the baked Camembert schtick, but this is the real deal. Buy one and on the way home pick up a fresh baguette. Take off the lid and any plastic packaging, spike the cheese with some slivers of garlic and slosh a bit of white wine over it. Put the uncovered cheese still in its raffia container on a baking tray and place in a hottish oven for about 20 minutes until it is bubbling and molten.  Scoop out the cheese with hunks of baguette. Eat and sigh.

Cambridge Cheese Company
All Saints Passage

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  1. mmmm melted cheese! Baked camembert is always a winner in my book but now I'll definitely have to try Mont D'Or.