Thursday 13 January 2011


One espresso and one cappucino coming up. Pronto…Grazie! I pick up the newspaper I had left on the zinc bar and feel myself relax. There’s a delicious smell of… what? Salami, pesto, garlic, olives. So where are we? Milan, Rome? Hell, this is no quickie trip courtesy the rigours of Ryanair but Limoncello on Mill Road, Cambridge. Limoncello is a bit of an institution here – a little bit of Italy opposite Discount Carpets and the Co-op. 
The floor to ceiling shelves are stacked with tins, packets and bottles of Italian produce jostling the fresh bread and little Italian pastries. Hams are freshly sliced and wrapped in waxed paper and fresh pesto, artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes are to taste and serve yourself. At Christmas and Easter boxes of panettone hang from the frescoed ceiling and are piled high against windows.
Then about 6 months ago Steve, the owner, turned one section of the shop into an Italian-style bar where you can sit at the counter have a glass of wine or a coffee. And if you fancy a snack, a platter of Parma ham, olives and cheese is served up quicker than you can say ‘Bada bing'.

Now where’s my vespa…….



  1. Ah, dear Limoncello! I used to live just 'round the corner & would constantly be found filling my shopping bags or propped against the bar here on weekends (after coffee or a smoothie at Black Kat). I haven't been back since I moved to the other side of town, but it is worth the trek.

    Briony xx

  2. Had a lovely evening with Limoncello last weekend at the Cambridge Food and Wine Society - great food and wines:

    Have included a link to your review here.