Saturday, 5 March 2011


Ice cream in February? Oh yes!

We had some friends around last week for a Thai curry fest and having chopped about 60 chillies in preparation for the paste, I had an inkling that our tastebuds might be .... how shall I put it... enlivened. What to make for pudding? I rooted around in the freezer and found tucked at the back some frozen blackcurrants harvested last summer from the allotment. Ah blackcurrant ice cream - cool and soothing with a sharp fruit kick to counter the Thai spice and coconut.

Blackcurrant Ice Cream

350 g blackcurrants
4 eggs, separated
225 g caster sugar
575 ml double cream

Stew and sieve the blackcurrants to make a purée. Allow to cool. Whip the cream to soft peaks and beat in the egg yolks. Combine this with the pur ée,
Whip the the egg whites with the sugar and fold this meringue mixture into the fruit cream. Place the mixture in a sorbetiere, if you are lucky enough to have one. I scraped it all into a plastic tub and stirred it a few times to break up the crystals.
If you want to make a blackcurrant ripple ice cream make a little more puree and half way through the freezing -when the mixture starts solidifying - streak the mixture using a spoon or fork with some puree. Be careful with any subsequent stirring not to amalgamate it all.

One of the many nice things about inviting friends to supper is that they often arrive with presents ... such as beautiful white roses...

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