Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Maybe it's the spring weather, the warm sunshine and clear blue skies that we are enjoying at the moment, but we are on an extended Asian flavours' kick this week.  Our taste buds relish the fresh edges of lime juice, galangal, chilli and lemongrass, and demand more of the same. This "Thai-style Steak and Pomegranate Salad" recipe on one of our favourite blogs, Hollow Legs, really hits the spot:

Lack of a pomegranate to hand means a bit of improvisation: the beef is marinaded in a mix of pomegranate molasses, lime juice and fish sauce along with the chilli garlic and sugar - I confess to doubling up the chilli and garlic too.

Spring is also bringing the allotment back to life, with new shoots bursting through everywhere, flashes of jewel-bright green set against the tattered browns and greys of winter. 
We scatter freshly picked mustard leaves and chives over the salad to add to the range of sharp, zesty herbal notes that cut against the sweetness of the steak and red pepper. 

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