Saturday, 20 August 2011


We all felt a twinge of guilt didn't we when, earlier this year, Fitzbillies closed down?  It was as if we had neglected an aged aunt who had become a little tedious and maybe just a bit careless of personal habits; oh yes we loved her, we just didn't want to go and visit ... and at the event of her inevitable demise we indulge in an orgy of grief and nostalgia. And so it was early this year when Fitzbillies closed their doors for, what we thought, was the last time. A Cambridge institution had fallen by the wayside, shunned and neglected - oh how we beat our breasts. How could this have happened?
But second chances do happen, Fitzbillies is back. I stroll along on the first day of opening to show my support, expecting to see a few tourists and curious locals, but soon realize I have walked into an event. The air prickles with excitement, queues stretch outside the door and the staff are breathless. 
It's early days yet so they are offering limited fare, but oh yes, the Chelsea Buns are as gooey and delicious as remembered and there are pretty fairy cakes perched on retro stands in the window.
The 90-year-old dowager has had a makeover. There is a clever mix of the old and the new with a contemporary seating area tiled in cool colours (Cambridge blue?); it will be a great venue for post-shopping and meeting friends. So go and get sticky and be grateful for second chances. 

Fitzbillies: 51-52 Trumpington St, Cambridge, CB2 1RG


  1. I'm so glad it is back, and a much improved Fitzbillies too.

  2. I've missed Fitzbillies! I'm so glad it's back.