Monday, 29 August 2011


As a rule of thumb I like to patronise the locals... I live on Mill Road and all the small independent food shops are full of good local food (I boycott Tesco). However, on occasion T and I  dust off the motor and trundle out further afield, and with the news of a deli opening at the Gog Magog Farm Shop we head out on the highway. In ten minutes or so we find ourselves in a bucolic idyll where pretty black and white chickens, a collie and a turkey promenading like a Victorian matriarch, make up a very traditional farmyard scene.

Gog Magog Farm Shop has been on the scene for a while, but it seems to have come into its own recently with a nice cafe, shop with very decent meat and a knowledgeable butcher and now a brand new deli with, I have to say, some blindingly good-looking cheeses (from Neal's Yard). 
I have in mind to make another ill-advised sortie into the world of bacon curing and receive some fantastic tips and a few slices of their home-cured rashers. 
I came, I gawped, I bought some pork belly (and a bit of cheese). We shall return ....

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